Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Released from inpatient psychiatric care at the Hines VA for PTSD suicidal ideation.

I was recently released from an extended mental hospital stay. Overall positive things occurred while I was an inpatient at the Hines VA facility but the experience was uncomfortable overall. Towards the end of the stay I did summarize with the outlook that they quite simply treated me like a mental health patient because I quite frankly was one. Reasons for psychiatric inpatient care at the veterans hospital I had severe depression along with PTSD that was leading to allot of suicidal thinking. I shared all of this with my psychiatrist and did sign myself in willingly. I wanted to feel safe and to have my medicine adjusted. I was directly admitted by my psychiatrist, bypassing the whole waiting process. This got me right into the emergency room where my vitals were monitored along with an EKG that was administered. I was given Ativan and a turkey sandwich. I was told it would be about an hour. My belongings were very carefully inventoried. Blood was drawn and a urine sample was given. I calmly waited to be admitted.
This was not my first time at the show so I wasn't too nervous.
I walked through the double locked and double door entry hall way and was greated by an unfriendly black man who took my vitals. I was given a room and some basic essentials as my things were locked up in a storage area for patient belongings. I was a little worried about my phone, tablet, wallet or cash being stolen by fortunately this did not happen to me. I sat in my room with another veteran who shared the small drab dorm like room. This guy had been in for just a few days and proudly proclaimed that he was getting the fuck out of there quick and never coming back to the Veterans Affairs for healthcare again. I took this with a grain of salt. I didn't want to get too worked up about what might or might not happen while I was in the VA for psychiatric reasons. My treatment goals were to change medications, specifically my anti depressant medication. I had been taking lexapro daily for one year and the medication kind of pooped out on me despite efforts to max out the dosage. I had to tackle the suicidal ideation and I wanted to inquire about using a service dog for my condition, PTSD. Visit my service dog website at: Please Visit Military PTSD Service Dog Website Here More coming soon!

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