Saturday, August 27, 2011

VFW sometimes a problem for certain veterans.

Post traumatic stress disorder is a very disturbing condition that affects many veterans from both Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Unfortunately, despite the government's best efforts, many veterans go untreated. Some veterans are able to control their PTSD by using drugs or alcohol as a means to escape their situations. This is very unhealthy but it is a fact of veteran life that sometimes like to drink. You only have to look at veteran service organizations to see that this is true. Take for example the VFW organization. Many of the VFW posts are also bars. These bars produce a good income for both the veteran service organization as well as the individual post that has the bar. Other veteran service organizations such as American Legion and disabled veterans of America use the VFW post for their weekly meetings.

I personally have had many drinks at the VFW in my past and have enjoyed the comraderie of the people that meet there. Unfortunately, I have found myself having too many drinks at the the VFW. Which was a problem that I wasn't too proud of. Luckily, I am now living in a city without a VFW and I have been cut off from veteran alcohol.

The only thing that helped me with my PTSD was therapy and at times medicine. Alcohol only make the problems worse. I feel I should have gotten help for what could have been a problem with alcohol. Yet I was able to stop drinking on my own. Not all veterans can do this. If you have a drinking problem should contact the VA, or your doctor, or alcoholics anonymous. There is no shame in admitting the drinking problem.

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