Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PTSD or Post traumatic stress disorder in veterans

PTSD Or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Veterans It’s not uncommon for veterans to suffer from PTSD, otherwise referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder because of what they have had to go through in the military with wars, operations and even the yelling of drill sergeants. The symptoms can be treated in a number of ways, too, to help provide some relief for veterans around the country. Over the years, PTSD has come to be a very important mental health condition to have treated. When it was first seen, many in the medical community disregarded it, however when more and more veterans were experiencing it, as well as those who were witness to a crime or a terrifying event, there was no denying that it was a very real condition. In many cases PTSD can include nightmares, flashbacks and a significant amount of anxiety. Those who were in the military have often been witness to events that they would much rather forget. However, they are reliving it over and over again in their mind. This can lead to hopelessness about the future, trouble concentrating, feels of irritability and anger and even trouble sleeping. PTSD veterans can get the help they need through therapy and medication. Often it is best for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to get the help they need from other veterans who have been through the same thing and are now dealing with the effects of the condition, too. This camaraderie can be the most important way to deal with the previous experiences. Throughout the different forms of treatment, representatives in Vermont are now looking at adding post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of disorders and conditions that will allow a person to get medicinal marijuana. The marijuana, when used with PTSD veterans can be the best way for a person to get over some of their concentration issues as well as to prevent a self-destructive behavior. Many veterans who are dealing with PTSD go through symptoms in one (or all) of three categories: Intrusive memories, avoidance and increased anxiety. Depending upon what a person is dealing with, the treatment will be different. A person may even go through all of the categories throughout time as the memories and nightmares occur at different times. War and the military are different than witnessing a crime. Veterans lived through it on a regular basis so it wasn’t just a single occurrence. As a result, it is harder for veterans to just turn off their memories and forget what happened, whether it was locally or on foreign soil. PTSD veterans need to get the support that they need through therapy, support groups and medication so that they can function properly with their loved ones and throughout society

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