Friday, April 22, 2011

Find your military friends using a modern tool

Many of us veterans have lost contact with those that we served with. When it came time for the discharge papers to be signed, many quickly signed the DD214 and went on their way. How can we find our friends that we served hard time with?

A Facebook Profile Page
My top recommendation might apply to recent veterans more so than the older generation. I found hundreds of my military acquaintances using Facebook. In fact, I have found so many of my old military friends that I am now planning our first official reunion. It seems like nearly everyone is on facebook. Heck, many of us are addicted to facebook. It is the most popular social networking website.

It all started with finding the first military friend. Once I found one person, I found another military comrade in that first person’s friend list. I asked that first find about the whereabouts and information of other veterans. Slowly but surely, my military friends list grew. We now have a military group page and a reunion page on facebook. This website has done allot for us. We wouldn’t be in touch with eachother if it wasn’t for facebook.

If you haven’t signed up for facebook, you might want to give it go. You will be surprised at who you can find on it. Relatives, coworkers, old classmates and even war buddies! Heck, I even found my daggone battalion commander using this method. Before I knew it, the sergeant major was giving me a call to say hello. It scared the hell out of me to take that call. I thought I was in trouble for something!

Anyhow, facebook is great way to reconnect and find your military buddies. Another social networking tool worth mentioning is the social network of professionals. Linkedin is a popular website where business professionals connect online with each other. Some folks don’t use facebook but use Linkedin. So if you are serious about finding your friends, you may want to give both a try.

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