Friday, April 22, 2011

The Minnesota Veteran's Administration is overwhelmed by donated quilts.

An "Honor Quilt" made by Sandy Tuzinski of
Bloomington, MN
I’ve been to Minnesota and have always appreciated the warm hearted attitudes of the good folks that live there. Apparently, an act of charity has overwhelmed the VA system. Quilter’s from the cold north have been busy producing handmade blankets to donate to veterans. The Quilts of Valor is a sewing group that is hoping to warm the hearts of veterans with the blankets that they made. Unfortunately, the Minnesota VA is asking these kind quilters to stand down.

There are storerooms full of quilts at the VA that have yet to be distributed. Although this has become somewhat of a logistical problem for the VA staff, I think it serves as evidence that Minnesotans are a caring group of people. Don’t ya know? (Sorry I couldn’t resist a Minnesota dialect impersonation)

I think it is wonderful what these quilters are doing for veterans. What is more heartwarming than a handmade blanket made by people who care? I received a similar quilt in California. It was a patchwork quilt that was beautifully made and on the back of it, the quilters signed their names and wrote the city that they are from. I was very appreciative to receive this item and was moved by the idea of it.

Hopefully, the VA can find a way to get these quilts out to the veterans that would enjoy them.

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