Thursday, April 21, 2011

TRX Fitness is offering a discount to veterans on their exercise equipment

The TRX cable workout.
You can save money on TRX fitness equipment if you are a veteran. It might be a great addition to your physical therapy or normal routine workouts. I have used TRX in the past but do not currently own one. I'm considering purchasing a TRX for use at home because it is easy to use and portable. It is basically a set of tension cables that provide resistance for strength training. I was introduced to the product during a veteran's program for Marines in the Wounded Warrior Regiment. The system was designed by a former US Navy SEAL, who was addressing the fitness needs of those SEALs deployed in submarines.

You can get 20.00 off your TRX equipment if you are a veteran. Check out the TRX system at the link below. I will be posting more special deals for veterans in the future. Please subsribe to this blog or check back often for more deals aimed towards our nation's veterans.


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